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What Is Next Steps for Men?


Dave Enslow – Founder & Director

Next Steps for Men is a regional ministry with a mission to train and equip the local church to minister men.

Dave Enslow is the Founder and Director of Next Steps for Men. As a former Senior Trainer with Evangelism Explosion International, Dave learned of the great need for Pastors and leaders to effectively share their faith. A number of years ago, while on a short term training trip in Ukraine, Dave was convicted of the greater need to disciple men.

During his stay, he realized that many of the cultural problems, in this former communist country, stemmed from men not being effectively discipled. Upon his return to the U.S. he became even more aware that the situation in America was not very different.

One major challenge in our churches today is the lack of funding for ministries to men. It is out of the great need to disciple men, coupled with this lack of funding, that Next Steps for Men came into being.

As a Field Trainer and Seminar specialist Dave provides leadership training for Pastors and men’s ministry leaders. Dave is available to present a variety seminars specific to men or speak at your men’s event.

Churches may use as few or as many services that we provide, usually at little or no cost, based upon their particular situation. Donors and churches that recognize this church-man gap are supporting Next Steps for Men in an effort to heighten the awareness of this great need.

Next Steps for Men has a broad ministerial footprint focused specifically upon men. We are ministry resource to the local church. Partnering with a number of national ministries, including; “33” Authentic Manhood/Men’s Fraternity, Man in th churches he Mirror and the Iron Sharpens Iron equipping conference network allows us to keep the Big Picture in view as we interact with churches, big or small.

As a member ministry of Ministry Alliance, our fiscal partner, our financial partners may make tax deductible contributions to Next Steps for Men.