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asleepWhy Training?

Have you wondered why men’s ministry programs don’t work for most men?  To most it’s a mystery. While we see some great men’s curriculum out there, from highly polished video teaching to dynamic, mission oriented Bible studies: almost every church that launches a men’s program fails. Other than a relative few, the men just don’t seem interested.

This is what we see:

  • The vast majority of men’s programs die within two years of launch usually due to a leader burning out or leaving the church.
  • Fewer than ten percent of churches offer any ongoing ministry to men at all (compared to 90% that offer women’s and children’s ministries).
  • Those churches that do offer men’s ministry programs see very low rates of participation.
  • The typical men’s teaching session or Bible study group loses about half its members within four months of launch.
  • The annual men’s retreat has basically disappeared in many churches.

Most church going men do not participate in any form of men’s ministry, not to mention the missing younger men under age 30. Leaders have succumbed to an expectation that men are doing fine, as if navigating the maze of men’s issues, were like using a GPS. We believe this leads to the dead end that we often witness with ministries to men. We believe it’s time to bring out the MAP. The MAP, men’s action plan training, will help you develop a strategy to reach all the men in your church.

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