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Men’s Seminars

Men’s Seminars to Help You and the Men in Your Church

sacredsexology2Sacred Sexology

A seminar for men and young men and the struggle for purity. But the only force great enough to change a man’s heart and empower him to win his battles with lust is GRACE. This seminar and 9 week Bible Study for men and young men explains how grace actually transforms a man’s heart and his battle for sexual purity.

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band-of-brothers-fullGot Your Back

A seminar to help men forge the bonds of brotherhood. How do you find a few close friends to help you in your spiritual battles? The answer is that you may not be able to find them; you may need to forge them. The content of this Seminar and the material included with it, is designed specifically to do that.

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grandfatheringGrandfathering to Leave a Legacy

Becoming a grandfather is an important step in adult life. This seminar will explore the ways that grandfathers in all kinds of families can make a difference to children’s lives and what a ‘grandfathering’ relationship means. For many men it is a joyful one, opening up possibilities for the granddads, the grandchildren, and the parents.

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