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MAP | Men’s Action Plan

The intent of this four-hour course is to introduce the basics of building a sustainable ministry to men in your church. The principles taught in this training will not solve all the problems or supply all the answers in regard to ministering to your men. It will, however, help you ask the right questions and look at the discipleship activities you offer for men in your church in a different light.

The precepts presented in this training are a first step toward discipling every man in your church. Training provided by Next Steps for Men

Who is this event for?

    • Men’s ministry leaders
    • Pastors
    • Laymen in the church
    • Potential new leaders
    • Any Man with a vision to make disciples

This training is designed for teams so come with a group from your church!

Topics include:

    • The All In Model  (based upon Man in the Mirror)
    • The Purpose of the Church
    • Developing Your Vision
    • What is Men’s Ministry?
    • Engaging Men in the Process
    • The Create-Capture-Sustain Cycle
    • Creating Value
    • Capturing Momentum
    • Long-Term Discipleship