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Grandfathering to Leave a Legacy

grandfatheringBecoming a grandfather is an important step in adult life. For many men it is a joyful one, opening up possibilities for the granddads themselves, for the grandchildren and for the parents. Grandchildren provide a new focus for family relationships and can rekindle the kind of intimacy that might have got lost along the way – enriching lives across three generations.

Relationships beyond the immediate family (mother, father, sisters and brothers) can make a positive contribution to children’s emotional development and sense of themselves. An independent and developing relationship between grandfathers and grandchildren is invaluable for everybody.

This seminar will explore the ways that grandfathers in all kinds of families can make a difference to children’s lives and what a ‘grandfathering’ relationship means.

Grandfathers and those who love them will discover that:

  • Grandfathers aren’t killing time baby-sitting: They’re leaving a legacy – for better or worse.
  • Impactful grandfathering takes time and energy, but it’s worth the reward.
  • By living purposefully, and with spiritual values, grandfathers can be champions for each of their grandchildren.

With a minimum of just 20 men you can have a great presentation plus all the materials you will need to mobilize men to your event for $20.00 per man. We have found this to work better than paying an honorarium plus travel expenses, etc.for most churches. We always recommend that the men pay for the event. We will work with you to help you break even.

Here is what is included for the Grandfathering to Leave a Legacy seminar:

  1. Sample bulletin/pulpit announcement
  2. Printed bulletin insert master
  3. Printable poster pdf file
  4. Personal invitation cards (50 included)
  5. One book for each paid man attending (Cover Price $13.95)